Oh, you're almost home

Jul 21, 2014

Here it is, the first official peek into our new home. These were taken after we gave our security deposit and was actually my first time seeing the inside of the house. S saw it while I was in NY visiting a friend, and he was so excited about it's charm and character, that I agreed to putting in an application as soon as I got back into town, sight unseen. We are excited about gardening and are open to the challenge that an old house (built in the 1930's) brings with it's age. 
From the photos, you can see that the house's awning needs a little love, the interior walls need a paint refresh, and the hardwood floors need a polish, but that's small business compared to all of the quirks. In the last photo you can see the huge oak tree that drapes over the house and provides shade in sunny Florida. The surrounding streets are brick-paved and shady. Clockwise: 2 blocks north is the local lake that hosts the weekend farmers market and other annual events; 2 blocks northeast is the little strip of restaurants, bars, and cafes, that host our districts monthly wine and art walk event; 2 blocks east is a little lake and park to walk our future dog around. S can bike 6 minutes to work, and I can drive 8 minutes to work.
We moved in and are almost settled. There are a few more boxes to unpack and things to store in the attic like Christmas decorations. But this weekend we'll work on getting it all finalized because we have an appointment to meet some greyhounds! We will meet a few greyhounds that will compliment our lifestyle, chose one we connect with, schedule a home visit, and then we get assigned an adoption date! It's perfect timing too because all the traveling of summer has ended and the next month will be quiet at work. Once we put some boxes away, I'll happily take some photos of our interior; our furniture fits right in and looks like it has belonged here all along. 

Our Travels: Buffalo, Niagara, Canada

Jul 8, 2014

From Buffalo to Lackawanna to Canada, we visited Niagara Falls, city hall, the botanical gardens, a basilica, a Shakespeare play in the park, and a family members log cabin in the woods. It was a wonderful weekend spending time with S's family as well as visiting some locations that he's grown up with.
Doesn't that map room at the city hall remind you of something you'd see in a Wes Anderson film? The entire city hall was designed with Native American motifs in Art Deco materials. If you saw my Instagram portrait in front of the elevator, you will see brass used to frame the doors, with triangle and corn carvings reminiscent of the natives. Brilliant, right?
The botanical gardens were lovely and humid. Even though it wasn't an escape from the warm New York day outside, the shade that the plants provided was really calming and serene. S was in his element in the bonsai section. We always like the idea of having many bonsai plants in our home, but they are quite sensitive, and pretty pricey. We haven't had success with our previous bonsais. 
The basilica was gorgeous; it reminded me of the ones in Italy with the shape of the ceiling and all of the paintings and sculptures. It definitely made me miss Italy. We hope to take our next international trip next year to Italy. I've already been to Rome, Naples, and Florence, but will have to revisit so that S can see those places and the art. We hope to make Italy our international trip next year and I am so looking forward to it! For now, I can watch EssieButton's trip to Rome to sate my Italian appetite.
We ate all the "traditional" Buffalo food that S grew up with including pepperoni pizza (it's totally different than the NYC pizza I grew up with), Texas hots hot dogs, and beef on weck. Of course, there was Tim Hortons coffee too, which I had on my last trip to upstate NY.
All of the houses in the area reminded me of the old Victorian house that I grew up in. Front porches, two or three stories, long and narrow. The shame is when people don't keep up with repairs and painting and the maintaining of the property. These beautiful old houses with memories and history in their walls are turning into dust. I can only hope that our generation will become a little handy (with the help of Pinterest and home renovation blogs like Door Sixteen) and will keep these historic areas alive. 

This Week

Jun 27, 2014

This week:
-Packing a little bit every day things we do not use on a daily basis.
-Bridesmaids shenanigans at the brides engagement party. We don't sit still.
-Visits to the greyhound adoption organization to pet some lazy dogs. I may have made friends with a three year old girl with black fur and the friendliest demeanor.
-Eating popcorn and watching scary movies late at night.
-Driving by our new house and enjoying the new neighborhood, imaging all the tree-shaded walks that will be had in the evenings.
-Drinking tea 3-5 times a day, just to soothe my nerves about moving. I rotate between hibiscus tea that tastes like summer time and earl grey that reminds me of winter mornings with my aunt in New Jersey.
-Streaming the World Cup and thoroughly enjoying the sports spectacle.
-Never unpacking my overnight bag since it feels like I just got back from Corning, now we're off to Buffalo and Canada, and the weekend after that, we're off to South Florida. Bon voyage!